Ruth Livesey, Principal Investigator

Ruth is Principal Investigator of the AHRC Leadership Fellowship, ‘Provincialism: Literature and the Cultural Politics of Middleness in Nineteenth-Century Britain’. She is Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature and Thought in the Department of English, Royal Holloway, University of London. Her work adapting and co-writing the Great Middlemarch Mystery with Josephine Burton forms part of the larger AHRC funded engagement project ‘Finding Middlemarch in Coventry 2021′.

2 thoughts on “Ruth Livesey, Principal Investigator

  1. Hello. I’m just exploring your blog now. I’ve started writing a romance based on Middlemarch. Before you retch, let me say, I’m trying to be true to the spirit of the characters’ live. In my sitory there emerges a triangle among Dorothea, Weill, and a third chapter I have invented. She’s a woman. I don’t really need anything from you – I just wanted to share this with you.


    1. It’s always great to hear that Eliot’s books still make us want to go further in imagination & rewriting. Thanks so much for getting in touch & intrigued to hear about this …


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